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"The change of name to DLG Asia Pacific is another important step in DLG's internationalization strategy. With DLG Asia Pacific, we are represented with a strong team geographically close to the important markets of the future. This means the company can react quickly to developments in the region and not only position our events appropriately in the markets, in line with demand, but also develop new formats quickly and successfully"

Jens Kremer

Managing Director of DLG International (05/2023)


2024/02/01     Agritechnica exhibition expands reach in growing Asian markets

2023/08/03    International Rice Congress 2023 with cross-continental keynote speakers                             line up

2023/07/10     DLG extends cooperation with International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) for                         congress in Philippines

2023/05/11     'DLG Thai' renamed 'DLG Asia Pacific' to reflect new regional responsibility

2023/04/28     Bangkok to Host AGRICONNECT Conference & Exhibition 2023 for a                                     Sustainable Agricultural Future

2023/01/25     Agritechnica 2023 - Green Productivity

2023/01/20     Seacriculture virtual conference to premiere in Asia-Pacific region

2022/08/31     Vietnam’s first `AGRITECHNICA ASIA Live´ - an international success

2022/07/05     Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture to host AGRITECHNICA ASIA Live 2022

2022/05/30     International participation confirms leading role of AGRITECHNICA ASIA                                and HORTI ASIA 2022 for crop technology investments

2022/05/26     Foundation of the DLG Expert Committee South East Asia

2022/05/26     Asia-Pacific Trading Summit at AGRITECHNICA ASIA - review

2022/05/08     Asia-Pacific Trading Summit at AGRITECHNICA ASIA

2022/04/22     AGRITECHNICA ASIA & HORTI ASIA Adding Vietnam as country partner

2022/03/13     AGRITECHNICA ASIA & HORTI ASIA 25 - 27 May 2022 in Bangkok

2021/10/18     AGRITECHNICA ASIA & HORTI ASIA Regional Summit

2021/06/30     DLG and Association of Vertical Farming (AVF) to enter cooperation

2021/05/05     DLG strengthens its presence in Asia 

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