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The fair                                                                     

Together with our partner, the Dutch-Thai exhibition organizer VNU Asia Pacific as well as our sponsors AGCO, APV, Bauer, Gessner, Kubota, Syngenta and the SV Group, we carried out the 1st Agrifuture Conference & Exhibition in Bangkok (Thailand) on the 2nd and 3rd December 2019.

During the first day, more than 300 international attendees from 21 countries joined our conference sessions to discuss future opportunities and challenges of the region.


Conference sessions comprised: New Ag-Business Opportunities, Novel Tools for Smart Crop Management, Innovations in Sugarcane Farming, Laser Levelling in Rice Production, Vertical Farming – The Future of Asia’s Food Security, Upcoming Concepts for Financing Mechanization, Startup Session: Enable Southeast Asia – Innovations in Agrifood & WaterTech.

On the second day, delegates, speakers and exhibitors travelled to the outskirts of Bangkok to visit Kubota’s and SV Group’s demo farm for the live demonstration of their progressive agri- and horticultural technologies.

Join our AGRITECHNICA ASIA community and be there, when we are taking the  AGRICONNECT Conference & Exhibition (former Agrifuture Conference & Exhibition) to the next edition from 24. - 25. May 2023 in Bangkok. More information to follow.

The market

Global population growth is continuously increasing. By 2050 the population number is estimated to reach nine billion, leading to an increased food demand of 40% in the same period. Southeast Asia, which is one of the main areas contributing to this development, is additionally characterized by a rapidly growing middle class. Increasing food demand, growing labor shortages, more competition and therefore the requirement for reduced production costs, are the main drivers for change in the Southeast Asian agriculture.


Besides that, many governmental institutions are promoting the faster implementation of agriculture 4.0.

In addition, the regional integration in economic cooperation, food trade development and agri-innovations for sustainable food production are boosted by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in all Southeast-Asian countries.

In order to be prepared for these challenges and the opportunities arising, the AGRICONNECT Conference & Exhibition will address these topics with influential stakeholders to become ready for tomorrow’s agri business.

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