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The event                                                                     

Singapore is an important driver for innovation and investment in the region. It therefore unsurprisingly also pioneers in the field of innovative agricultural/horticultural cultivation methods and new forms of food production. Singapore's geographical characteristics as a densely populated city state, but also the demands of a still growing world - especially urban - population, urgently require new approaches and technologies for a more sustainable production and processing of food. In 2021, the influential Singapore state investment fund TEMASEK, greenlighted the cooperation of its subsidiary Constellar Exhibitions and the German Agricultural Society DLG for the development the new exhibition format Agri Food Tech Expo Asia (AFTEA). AFTEA is based on already established Constellar activities such as Superfood exhibition and the extensive agrifood and exhibition knowhow of the German DLG. 

The first edition of the AFTEA will focus on current topics such as controlled environment agriculture (CEA), vertical farming (VA), inhouse insect breeding & cultivation & processing, components and engineering for CEA, urban smart farming (USF), agriculture & urban protein, but also processing of plant-based protein sources and so called novel foods such as in-vitro meat, alternative protein sources.

Together with the DLG, the fair will feature a conference program with national and international specialist that will offer the interested public a unique opportunity for knowledge enhancement and information exchange.

The market

Currently, Singapore produces only 5-10% of its own consumption of food. The Singaporean government is pursuing the goal of meeting 30% of its own food requirements through its own production by 2030 (“30 by 30”), frame worked by an overall governmental initiative with the private sector. Singapore invests and promotes innovative approaches and is globally known as an innovation hub, e.g. through country-led and private sector investment as well as multinational corporations.

Singapore fosters the development of novel ways of growing, producing and processing food to create sustainable and integrated food systems.

The aim of such initiative is to increase self-sufficiency, feed the growing population with simultaneous climate change, so resource efficient production to be the key, while at the same time working with limited agricultural spaces available in the country.

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